Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rest in peace Sheldon Brown (1944 - 2008)

I just signed up for the rec.bicycles.misc newsgroup, which I haven't read in about two years and there it was: Sheldon Brown 1944 - 2008. There are very few people I've not met that I really appreciate but Sheldon was one of the few I really liked. He introduced me to the Brooks saddles that I have on all my bikes. I remember posting to the newsgroup, complaining about saddles in general. Sheldon told me about the saddles and the amount of work required to break in and maintain the saddle. I've never regretted listening to his words of advice. Sheldon, we'll miss you.

To Sheldon's family, I can only offer you my words of condolence and a tear in his passing. I'm happy to say I met Sheldon Brown and was better for knowing him. The bicycling community has lost a valuable member and he will be missed.

Sheldon's web site.