Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I am an odd individual

Today I came to an odd realization. I am an odd individual. I Work in a place with lots of brilliant people but few have an interest in the curriculum they took in school. Is this what lone inventors and mad scientist feel like? Yes I have a lab at home and yes I build experiments. I've asked my colleagues and none of them have any interest in conducting experiments. Maybe it's because my they have families or that they really weren't that interested in what they took in school, I don't know. I do know that it makes me somewhat lonely individual when it comes to having others to share my ideas with in a face to face manner. I have no one to bounce ideas off, argue with or share discussions with. I know I have the Internet and there are chat rooms, forums and newsgroup but sometimes you just need to have whiteboard discussion face to face.

Of course, this feeling sorry for myself maybe due to the fact that I'm stressed and exhausted from school, work and the economy. But they will each resolve themselves in time. :-) Now if I can just get the weather to cooperate I'll be able to get out and ride a few centuries (100 miles).