Saturday, February 4, 2012

Second ride of 2012

It's been almost a year since my last post. My new job has done a pretty good job of messing up my schedule. The hours are very long and I've had to endure way too many weekends working. This has severely cut into my mileage. I'm going to have to be very creative to get in my miles. But I made it out this weekend, the third ride of the year.

Today I did a nice ride out of Village Park, in Cranbury NJ (Central part of the state), rode to Hightstown, Allentown, Chester (Mansfield), out to Columbus, Springfield and stopped in Wrightstown for a break, 55 miles in total. We started out at 9 AM near the freezing mark but oh what a gorgeous day it was, not withstanding. I used several, low traveled back roads. Roads we usually don't use. One of the problems with rides under X miles (you fill in the X) is that you tend to travel the same roads over and over). It's hard to find something you haven't visited lately. Worse yet is that I need to try and ride routes that my friend, Larry, won't use the next day. Oddly enough we tend to think alike which may be due the the time of the year and weather patterns. Hopefully the NJ Turnpike will have a bunch of the bridges reopened soon so it will open up more of the area to our old routes that have been closed to us for the last two years (Turnpike widening, South of 8A).

On the wild life side we did manage to see a bunch of basically well behaved dogs, A nice Red Hawk glided along side of us on our way out to Columbus and a Turkey Vulture more interested in someone's lost lunch that us riding a few feet from it.