Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New routes!

Well I got the sudden itch to add some new routes up on bikely.com. A friend of mine (Larry Goldsmith) had suggested riding south of Bordentown, NJ (thanks Larry :-). This was a little problematic as we run out of rural roads and are boxed in by Rt 130. But a little research and the memory of an August Habitat for Humanities Century (in 105+F direct sun) made it a little easier to come up with a route. I now have a route the goes through Bordentown, down to Medford Lakes and back via Tabernacle and Pemberton. I've added a few variations and various distances (though I may not have posted them yet as I want to check them first). I've also added a ride out to Cedar Lakes/Whiting (near Lakehurst) and through the back of Lebanon State Forest. Future plans are for a few rides into PA. This will be a little tougher as they have real hills and I'm not familiar with the area (but I'll work on that). So far I have 124 routes (posted), most are over 60 miles in length, not bad :-).