Friday, May 13, 2011

Farmland 2011

Okay so I haven't blogged in a while (sorry). Well, so far this winter and spring have not been good for getting in miles, but spring is getting better. I just did my first century (May 7th) on the CJBC Farmlands ride. The club laid out new routes and, with few exceptions, they were a very nice change (don't worry I'll get those roads fixed). It was a gorgeous day, starting out cool (~55F) and ending up mild (~70F, I like it hot). My average time was in the high 16's and considering my lack of riding that's okay. I did manage to get in one of my 'long pulls' way above pace. Afterwards I felt terrific and my leg problems of the last few years doesn't seemed to have surfaced. Additionally the stress of getting and learning a new job and the lack of miles have allowed me to put on too much weight. All things considered the average speed and the day-after feeling says I'm well on track for the longest day. My friend Mark and I rode well together and it looked really good for us on the Longest Day. Unfortunately Mark had a bike accident on a Sunday ride. He and another friend collided. Ken went down with a concussion and cuts above and below his eye. Mark ended up with lots of road rash and a broken clavicle. I'm wishing them both a speedy recovery and not to go nuts during their time off the bike.