Friday, June 8, 2007

Which ever way the wind blows, Saturday 06/09/2007


Generally I'll decide which route I want to take a day or 2 before the ride. Letting the wind decide which way I ride (hence the name of the ride). What I can tell you in advance is the distance. I like long rides so the later in the season the longer the ride. During the summer rides will be about the metric mark (or better).

  • Name: Which ever way the wind blows
  • Pace: Low 17's mph avg (into the low 20's with pace lines)
  • Distance: 96 miles
  • Terrain: Flat with rolling hills (3 - 4, on a scale of 1 (nasty hills) - 4 (flat as a pancake))
  • # of Stops: 3 - 4
  • Destination: Pemberton, NJ
  • Starting point: Village Park, Cranbury, NJ
  • Starting time: 8 AM
  • Club ride: Yes (both PFW and CJBC)
  • Cue sheets provided: no
  • Guests allowed: Yes
  • Route: Cranbury Pumpkin Patch Century
  • Rain may not cancel a ride, contact the ride leader for further details

Weather prediction:

  • Sunny, with rain in the morning
  • 70F at 8 AM (at Cranbury)
  • Winds from the NNW at 9 - 15 mph, 22mph gusts
  • High for the day 82F at 4 PM

This is a derivative ride, it's the Pumpkin Patch Century but with the start in Cranbury, NJ instead of Monroe Twp., NJ. The Staten Island Bike Club created this ride and I'm posting it here. Many of my rides down south, use portions of this route.

We've been training for the Longest Day but this week we're taking it easy on the pace. The team I'm riding with is ready and we don't need to push any further. No sense in getting injured.


Nothing here yet, I haven't done it yet. :-) ! I'll update this tomorrow after the ride.

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